Blue Flower

Thank for your interest in our courses.  We offer you high quality education with hands on assignments at a very low tuition.  Our programs offer a large arrange of classes that will guide you as you learn or increase your knowledge in natural health.


You can start the programs any time you want.  The general requirements to enroll in our programs are:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Be at least eighteen years old.


Specific program prerequisites:

  • Certified Health Counselor: minimum of a five students quorum.
  • Master in Herbalist: minimum of seven student quorum and have completed the Certified Health Counselor program successfully.
  • Doctor of Naturopathy: No minimal number of students required. Must have completed the Health Counselor Certification.


The length of the program will vary from one student to the other depending on their faithfulness in completing all the requirements for the corresponding course. 


We are sure that the knowledge you will receive in each class will enable you to take charge of your health. You will learn to look to the real causes behind each disease instead of concentrating only on the symptoms.  You will be able to identify the symptoms as the ways your body uses to communicate with you. You will learn that a healthy life style is the best way to prevent diseases and that your body as the terrain  is more important than the germs that you’re exposed to.